Annual Spring Moran Ride, Campout, and Workparty

Everyone is invited to join the MVTB crew at Moran State Park on Orcas Island May 5 – 8th. Come up early if you can. We will have free camping at the Mountain Lake Group site starting Thursday evening. Friday will be riding and planning the trail work for Saturday. Sunday will be riding allContinue reading “Annual Spring Moran Ride, Campout, and Workparty”

Please join our work party on April 23rd

We’re having another high-line material moving operation Saturday. They are cool enough that a talented videographer, Jim Thompson of Anacortes, captured it for us last session. I think you’ll find Jim’s video compelling. I hope you’ll check it out, and pass it along to your friends – because we need the help: Last session weContinue reading “Please join our work party on April 23rd”

Fred’s Trail maintenance work party Sunday, May 22

Mount Vernon Trail Builders is hosting a work party on May 22 from 10:00am to 4:30pm to perform maintenance on Fred’s Trail. This trail is at the top of the south side of the mountain. Most of Little Mountain’s hiking trails were user built many years ago. They are fun and sometimes steep. Increased trafficContinue reading “Fred’s Trail maintenance work party Sunday, May 22”

Rock and gravel moved with the aid of a high-line

Last Saturday’s session was low on volunteers, but this was somewhat offset by the use of a high-line rigging for moving rock and gravel directly downhill from the access road to the trail where it was needed. This eliminated a half mile or so of manual wheelbarrow labor making the transportation of the rock muchContinue reading “Rock and gravel moved with the aid of a high-line”

The snow’s gone, let’s build a bridge and some new trail!

We’re building another bridge on La-Z-Boy and plan to reroute a trail section to eliminate an area that holds water. While our major work (the building) of La-Z-Boy ended months ago, we’re still working hard to make it sustainable trail before we move on to our next trail. We think it’s an awesome trail, butContinue reading “The snow’s gone, let’s build a bridge and some new trail!”

Earth clubs plant native plants on Little Mountain

Last session the Burlington-Edison and Mount Vernon High School Earth Clubs teamed up to plant over three hundred (300) native plants on our upper trail called “Sidewinder”. They did an excellent job and now lead our group competition with the most volunteer hours. Last year’s winning group (Shell Refinery of Anacortes) follows them in second.Continue reading “Earth clubs plant native plants on Little Mountain”