Session Calendar

Volunteer sessions are the 2nd & 4th Saturdays, most months. Exceptions are July and August (our vacation months), with no sessions, and November and December, with one session both months – on the 2nd Saturday.

Uncertainty, related to health concerns, is affecting our work schedule. We hope you’ll signup to follow our blog to stay informed…

The scheduled sessions that remain:

  • July & August, our vacation months
  • September 12th (tentatively planned)
  • September 26th (tentatively planned)
  • October 10th (tentatively planned)
  • October 24th (tentatively planned)
  • November 14th
  • December 12th

Sessions begin at 10:00 am and end at 4:30 pm, but volunteers may come and go as they want.

You may have seen in our blog posts that schools, clubs, churches, civic organization and businesses join us to volunteer. We call this our “guest group” program. If this interests you please checkout our guest group schedule.

For park information see Northern State Recreation Area, to find it use Google Maps.

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