Get Involved

We build and maintain multi-use trails. We are committed to non-motorized shared use trails because they serve the most people.

Training, tools, gloves, snacks and water are provided – and sometimes lunch. Prior to the virus sessions were open to the public, meaning preregistration was not required, scheduled a year in advance, and held rain or shine.

Since hand tools are used we recommend wearing sturdy shoes and long pants. This fall we hope to get back to sessions that are more normal. Our non-profit, United General District 304, provides the public health guidance we rely upon. Large and open public volunteer sessions are not yet possible, but we’re optimistic – perhaps in September.

For now fewer volunteers and more spacing is required. Volunteers should be prepared to follow instructions, comply with safety guidelines, and be comfortable working with hand tools.

Please take a look at the volunteer roster. To add your name as a volunteer please email us.

The session calendar is posted, with reservations made on a first to confirm basis. By necessity, for safety sake, our volunteer sessions had to become more structured.

The signing of a volunteer waiver is required. For minors, a parent or guardian must complete and sign a minor waiver, one for each child. Those minor waivers will be kept on file, and will remain active for one calendar year.