About Us


Skagit Trail Builders (STB) evolved out of Mount Vernon Trail Builders (MVTB).  Our trail work at Little Mountain Park began in May of 2009 and ended in March of 2017.  In our seven years of work at Little Mountain Park we amassed more than 14,000 volunteer hours; building and maintaining seven miles of high quality and sustainable multi-use trails.

But before the work could begin we had to earn the opportunity through advocacy.  This involved encouraging our friends, families, and community to attend public meetings.  That effort began nearly a decade ago, and produced a trails-centric vision for Little Mountain Park.

But things change, and unfortunately the City of Mount Vernon no longer supports trails.  We continue to hope that the Heart of the Park (HOP) Public Trails Facility and Bicycle Skills Park will come to fruition.  Little Mountain Park is an amazing resource, it is a shame that the City’s position on trails has evolved.

In our absence Little Mountain Trail Builders (LMTB) came together.  We wish them well, but hope they will develop their own identity, a mission and advocate for an update of the LMP Master Plan – and for building more trails.

Skagit Trail Builders (STB) plans to break ground on a new regional trails project in early 2019.  The project will involve County, Port, and City of Sedro-Woolley properties, and link Northern State Recreation Area (NSRA) to nearby DNR timberlands.

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Our mission continues to be the building of multi-use trails, ones designed for hikers, runners, and mountain bikers – and connecting trails to local parks, schools, neighborhoods and our down-towns.  This in our view provides the greatest benefit to the residents of Skagit County and its visitors, enabling them to walk, run, and bike for fun, recreation, transportation, and health.

The following video was a gift.  It’s old and was created back when we were MVTB, but we love it.  It shows who MVTB was, what our team still believes in, and most importantly, what we intend to do again – only this time in partnership with Skagit County Parks & Recreation.

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