Trail Update: Trail side restoration and gravel capping

Our March 25, 2023 work party started out gloomy and cold, but by the end of the day many of us were in our shirt sleeves and enjoying the sun! We had two main objectives: The first set of photos shows the trail side restoration team at work. They graded soil, moved broken branches, transplantedContinue reading “Trail Update: Trail side restoration and gravel capping”

Trail Update: Jan 14….What a day!

What a day! What an inspiring community! On Saturday, January 14, a record-setting 37 volunteers brought their good spirits and love for the outdoors to our community trail project. Our best turn-out yet! We gottta whole lot done, too. The elevated rock trail is complete (woo-hoo!). On the hill, volunteers installed 3 rock walls, clearedContinue reading “Trail Update: Jan 14….What a day!”