Trail Update: What will Skagit Trail Builders be working on Saturday, Sept 10?

On Saturday, September 10th, we begin our 2022-2023 trail building season. The Pump House Bridge is DONE (hooray)! That means we can bring people, machinery, tools, and materials across the creek to start the next phase of the project. Now we’re racing to beat the rainy season. We must install drainage (culverts and lots ofContinue reading “Trail Update: What will Skagit Trail Builders be working on Saturday, Sept 10?”

Trail Update: We Can See Summer Coming!

Berries take color as the end of the trail building year nears. Two sessions remain before summer break; June 11 and June 25. Pictured (above) we reached the end of the flagging last session. Machine work using a mini-excavator this summer is planned. On June 25th we’ll complete the Pump-house Trail Bridge and learn whatContinue reading “Trail Update: We Can See Summer Coming!”

Trail Update: On a Trip We Found An Inspired Trail…

In Wenatchee we found a gem, the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail. An old bridge (above) does double duty; accommodating a water line and non-motorized traffic. The trail covers over 20 miles, paralleling the Columbia River on two sides. It passes through several city parks, a wildlife refuge, walking trails, and commercial zones – withContinue reading “Trail Update: On a Trip We Found An Inspired Trail…”

Moving rock across the creek using a hi-line!

On Saturday, April 23 we had great weather and a solid turnout with 15 hard working volunteers, all contributing their time and energy to the project! The Skagit Valley Herald attended and wrote about it. We had three teams working. One team at the trail entrance, spreading top soil and planting grass seed. Another teamContinue reading “Moving rock across the creek using a hi-line!”

Trail Update: Our Earth Day 2022 Session…

The bridge we’re building, over Hill Creek, has been slow going. We hope that better weather will boost volunteer turnout. This trail, when it’s completed, will be a two mile long loop trail. On April 9th fourteen (14) of us worked on three tasks. The trailhead was prepped for seeding grass, an access point forContinue reading “Trail Update: Our Earth Day 2022 Session…”