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February 26th, 2022…

Work at the Pump-house Trail Bridge…

The February 26th session went well, all the planned work was completed.

We had four (4) new volunteers; Amy, Cayden, Le Ola and Trina – and Ken earned his STB volunteer tee shirt. Thanks team!

Registration is open for the March 12th session. For photos, videos and details on what’s next, please check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

Everyone is welcome. We’re going into this session with a new Safety Protocol.

Young volunteers are welcome, please read the “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer.”

Our “Guest Group” Program…

In 2019 Job Corps Students and Staff were our “Top Group,” volunteering the most hours.
Soon after Sedro-Woolley High School; Zoe, Marcelino and Romel (above) got involved.
Dean and Adam (shown left to right).

Adam in the last few years has become one of our leaders. He arrives early, stays late, comes rain or shine, and runs equipment. He has been with us volunteering for over ten (10) years.

For volunteer organizations to have a future they MUST attract a next generation of volunteers.

See “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer” and please consider Getting Involved. Thanks!

December 11th, 2021…

A little rain in the morning, but it passed…

On December 11th we finished the big rock wall. Fourteen (14) hearty volunteers attended.

Power carriers move the rock close, then bucket are passed – volunteer to volunteer…

Roger and Leslie Estep provided lunch again. Jerry and I, below, are dishing up seconds.

Additionally, it was great to have the Slabodnik family back; Ellie, Robert and Zoe.

Leslie’s and Roger’s lunch was amazing!

After the holidays and winter break we hope you’ll get involved. It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, how about volunteering?

For more session photos click on gallery.

Zoe setting a rock, Dean will get the next...

Young volunteers are welcome, Zoe (above) got involved as a high school junior.

Like us on Facebook, become a volunteer or make a donation. Thank you!

The finished wall at the end of our session!

November 13th, 2021…

Teamwork, building the bridge approach…

On November 13th we made real progress at the new bridge. Nineteen (19) volunteers attended, putting in one hundred and thirty hours.

Two projects; drainage and approach work…

Roger and Leslie Estep provided lunch, and the BE Kiwanis Club attended as our Guest Group.

It was a great, and nearly everyone is returning for the upcoming December 11th session.

Rock work as materials are delivered…

Going into the holidays, and our winter break, please consider getting involved.

For more session photos click on gallery.

Jennifer and Jerry building a rock wall…

Young volunteers are welcome, as is detailed in our youth program document. Please share this information with the young people in your life!

How cool is this, thanks Jenny!

And lastly, please like us on Facebook.

Next Session, Nov. 13th…


Building rock walls is an art form.

A recent Skagit Valley Herald article our new trail project is explained.

On November 13th at 9:00 am work on a REALLY BIG rock wall will begin. We are excited!

Roger and Leslie Estep are providing lunch, and the BE Kiwanis Club will be our Guest Group.

October 23rd, 2021…



At the October 23rd session work to connect the new bridge and Pump-house Trail began. With nine (9) of us working we got the build site ready for the November 13th session.

Now we hope YOU will get involved

Our next session is November 13th. Roger and Leslie Estep will be providing one of their wonderful lunches, and the BE Kiwanis Club will be in attendance as our Guest Group.

October 20th, 2021…


On October 20th Jerry, Art and I got together, doing some planning – and taking photos.

The top photo is where we’ll be parking, on Port of Skagit property — near to the Dovetail Bridge.

Above Art and Jerry are planning rock walls and an elevated viewing area.

It will be fun, we hope you’ll get involved

Please like us on Facebook, and contact us to become a volunteer!

Next Session, Oct. 23rd…

Join us 10/23, on the bridge and trail project…
Recycled stringers (above), from the site…

Art Tuftee, Concept Construction LLC, and a small team of volunteers built the bridge. Now the rest of us are getting involved, building rock walls, railings and trail tread.

The BE Kiwanis recently signed up to become a guest group. We hope this interests others!

Please email us to signup, or click on get involved to learn more. Thanks!

September 25th, 2021…

Another great session at Thompson Pond…
United General District #304, our first Guest Group” since the pandemic shutdown.

September 25th was another great session. Bret Turner shot a video we call Before, During and After,” that shows us doing restoration work.

For another session our two teams will work separately. Art Tuftee, Concept Construction LLC, and his team are building the Hill Creek Bridge – as we’re finishing up at the pond.

We can’t wait to get everyone back together!

Please join us October 9th, we’re still looking for volunteers – and our next Guest Group.

Please email us to signup, or click on get involved to learn more. Thanks!

September 11th, 2021…

We started the 2021/22 trail building season by crushing our goal for the session…
The Slabodnik family, from left – Robert, Zoe and Ellie. Thanks for your help!

On September 11th fourteen (14) volunteers completed all the work that was planned for the session by lunchtime. It was great!

The worst ivy and holy was removed, then 20-30 yards of chips (seen in a prior post) was spread over low growing vegetation.

This Saturday, September 25th, United General District #304 is our Guest Group. We have a lot to accomplish, so please join us. In October we’ll be going to work on a new bridge and trail.

A special thanks to the City of Sedro-Woolley for their support, materials and the loader.

Please email us to get involved. Thanks!