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May 14, 2022…

On Saturday, May 14th twenty (20) volunteers, shown below, made real progress. More work was completed on the bridge, while the rest of us cleared trail. At day’s end nearly a quarter mile of new trail had been roughed out.

Below you can see that we are ready with another trail section that’s ready to go.

Registration is open for the May 28th session. For photos, videos and details on what’s next, check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

A big thanks to our volunteers!

An “Inspired” Trail…

In Wenatchee we found a gem, the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail. An old bridge (above) does double duty; accommodating a water line and non-motorized traffic.

The trail covers over 20 miles, paralleling the Columbia River on two sides. It passes through several city parks, a wildlife refuge, walking trails, and commercial zones – with shopping and restaurants. It also includes two beautifully maintained state parks with camping. We enjoyed daily rides, with great food and beverages along the way.

We know the level of cooperation required to build a community trail system, we admire what the Wenatchee community accomplished.

This is a model worth copying!


Moving rock across the creek using a hi-line!

On Saturday, April 23 we had great weather and a solid turnout with 15 hard working volunteers, all contributing their time and energy to the project! The Skagit Valley Herald attended and wrote about it.

We had three teams working. One team at the trail entrance, spreading top soil and planting grass seed. Another team was working on the bridge. The third team had the exciting task of moving rock across the creek using a hi-line! Check out the video below.

The bridge over Hill Creek isn’t finished yet, so how do we move rock across the creek safely? Using a hi-line! For more videos, follow us on instagram @skagittrailbuilders

Volunteers spread top soil at the trail entrance in preparation for planting grass seed.

LeOla and Heather shovel top soil into buckets and wheelbarrows.

Making progress on Hill Creek Bridge at the Pump House crossing.

Checkout our new t-shirts! A big thanks to Adam at Cedar Creek Printing, of Burlington, WA. The significant discount he provided made hoodies for our leadership possible.

A big thanks to our volunteers and supporters!

Earth Day ’22 Session…

Work on the Pump-house Bridge continues.

The bridge we’re building, over Hill Creek, has been slow going. We hope that better weather will boost volunteer turnout. This trail, when it’s completed, will be a two mile long loop trail.

On April 9th fourteen (14) of us worked on three tasks. The trailhead was prepped for seeding grass, an access point for staging trail building materials was improved, and more bridge work was completed.

On April 23rd, our Earth Day session, we’ll be moving rock using a high-line. This decade old post shows photos of our last high-line, and this video shows it in use. They’re cool!

Registration is open for the April 23th session. For more photos and videos check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

Youth groups and young volunteers are welcome. To learn more about the benefits of volunteering for young people, please read the “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer.”

March 12 & 26, 2022…

Everyone can help build trails!

At the March 12th and 26th sessions a great deal was accomplished. We have work for all ages and abilities. Please join us!

We’re excited, we have two things to report:

Registration is open for the April 9th session. For photos, videos and details on what’s next, please check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

Young volunteers are welcome, please read the “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer.”

February 26th, 2022…

Work at the Pump-house Trail Bridge…

The February 26th session went well, all the planned work was completed.

We had four (4) new volunteers; Amy, Cayden, Le Ola and Trina – and Ken earned his STB volunteer tee shirt. Thanks team!

Registration is open for the March 12th session. For photos, videos and details on what’s next, please check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

Everyone is welcome. We’re going into this session with a new Safety Protocol.

Young volunteers are welcome, please read the “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer.”

Our “Guest Group” Program…

In 2019 Job Corps Students and Staff were our “Top Group,” volunteering the most hours.
Soon after Sedro-Woolley High School; Zoe, Marcelino and Romel (above) got involved.
Dean and Adam (shown left to right).

Adam in the last few years has become one of our leaders. He arrives early, stays late, comes rain or shine, and runs equipment. He has been with us volunteering for over ten (10) years.

For volunteer organizations to have a future they MUST attract a next generation of volunteers.

See “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer” and please consider Getting Involved. Thanks!

December 11th, 2021…

A little rain in the morning, but it passed…

On December 11th we finished the big rock wall. Fourteen (14) hearty volunteers attended.

Power carriers move the rock close, then bucket are passed – volunteer to volunteer…

Roger and Leslie Estep provided lunch again. Jerry and I, below, are dishing up seconds.

Additionally, it was great to have the Slabodnik family back; Ellie, Robert and Zoe.

Leslie’s and Roger’s lunch was amazing!

After the holidays and winter break we hope you’ll get involved. It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, how about volunteering?

For more session photos click on gallery.

Zoe setting a rock, Dean will get the next...

Young volunteers are welcome, Zoe (above) got involved as a high school junior.

Like us on Facebook, become a volunteer or make a donation. Thank you!

The finished wall at the end of our session!

November 13th, 2021…

Teamwork, building the bridge approach…

On November 13th we made real progress at the new bridge. Nineteen (19) volunteers attended, putting in one hundred and thirty hours.

Two projects; drainage and approach work…

Roger and Leslie Estep provided lunch, and the BE Kiwanis Club attended as our Guest Group.

It was a great, and nearly everyone is returning for the upcoming December 11th session.

Rock work as materials are delivered…

Going into the holidays, and our winter break, please consider getting involved.

For more session photos click on gallery.

Jennifer and Jerry building a rock wall…

Young volunteers are welcome, as is detailed in our youth program document. Please share this information with the young people in your life!

How cool is this, thanks Jenny!

And lastly, please like us on Facebook.

Next Session, Nov. 13th…


Building rock walls is an art form.

A recent Skagit Valley Herald article our new trail project is explained.

On November 13th at 9:00 am work on a REALLY BIG rock wall will begin. We are excited!

Roger and Leslie Estep are providing lunch, and the BE Kiwanis Club will be our Guest Group.