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A New Project, A New Shirt …

The above logo will appear on the front of the tee shirts, in the pocket location.

And the above logo appears on back, and lists all the project partners. The design was donated by Gwen Bolin. Thanks Gwen, we love it!

Cascades Job Corps College & Career Academy on 4/13/19…


Cascades Job Corps College & Career Academy demonstrated that great work can be done rain or shine. Above, on Saturday April 13, 2019, Job Corps volunteers stand atop the fruits of their labor – with huge smiles on their faces.

A section of trail is ready for gravel. The session exemplified what makes the work so satisfying. We pushed through a tough day with smiles…

Skagit County Parks and Recreation was our lunch sponsor. Thank you! In the past donors provided wonderful lunches for our volunteers. We are confident that same sense of community exists here in Sedro-Woolley. Guest groups and lunch donors were central to our past success.

We are just getting starting in Sedro-Woolley, so our guest group calendar is completely open. If providing lunch, or registering a guest group interests you – please let us know.

May 11th is our first “public” session!

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Our 1st “public” volunteer session is May 11th…

Skagit Valley College’s Wildland Firefighing Class on 3/3/19…

DSC_4827 - Copy

Skagit Valley College’s Wildland Firefighting Class came back. This second class, that was much larger, continued work on the Pump House Trail. With over three times as many students, and great weather – making for a productive day.

The next session is with Cascades Job Corps College & Career Academy on April 13th, 2019. It will be the last special session before the first PUBLIC session on May 11th, 2019.

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Skagit Valley College’s Wildland Firefighing Class on 12/9/18…


The Pump-house Trail is under construction. On December 9th, 2018 work on the NSRA Trails Project began, it’s official – WE ARE DIGGING!

This Skagit Valley College Wildland Firefighting Class is a “special” non-public session. It was led by Ryan Rettinghouse, a DNR Fire Crew Trainer, he is in the red hardhat – with his six trainees. He will return on March 3rd, 2019 with another class. This was a solid session, in spite of some tough weather. Thanks everyone!

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Ready, Set, Go…

Great news, the first volunteer session at the SWIFT Center is scheduled for May 11th.

Budgets, contracts and trail projects are firming up, so building is on the horizon. Pictured here Art Tuftee stands with the tools purchased by Skagit County Parks & Recreation, that are securely stored onsite by the Port of Skagit.

Funding volunteer sessions is next. Volunteers donate time, but hosting sessions is not cheap. There are a great many costs to cover…

Trained crew leaders arrive early and stay late. They get their instructions before the session, then haul out and place the hand tools where they will be needed. They help train and lead volunteers; ensuring attendees are safe, effective, and that they have a great volunteer experience.  Afterwards tools must be picked up, cleaned, organized, sometimes sharpened – and put away.

Furthermore, volunteers deserve ‘great’ lunches, snacks, and to ‘earn’ volunteer tee shirts.  Over several sessions, with a minimum of ten hours, a volunteer tee shirt is earned. They show our appreciation, while helping with recruitment.

To do all of this, a nonprofit umbrella organization (to accept donations) MUST be setup. The best volunteer groups are well-resourced. We know the community supports trails, and in the past made generous donations to help.

Might helping form a board interest you?  If so, please click here – and let us know. 



Equipment / Public Survey…


On Friday Skagit County Parks and Recreation took delivery (above) of a brand new Canycom power carrier. It was bought for our use on the upcoming trails project. The first volunteer trail building session is scheduled for this Spring.

We are working to finish the trails plan, as Skagit County is hard at work on their comprehensive plan. Like at Little Mountain Park, now almost a decade ago, for those trails to happen “first” the public had to show support for them. That made the trails project a priority, and secured funding.

We need your help, please VOTE for local trails. Completing the County’s Comprehensive Plan survey, expressing support for parks and trails, is how we make them a priority.

Please tell your friends and family, this is an important opportunity and happens only ever six years – explained here.