Trail Update: Gravel capping complete from the big meadow to the bridge!

We got so much done at our April 8 work party! Thanks to our volunteers who came out on Saturday!

Gravel capping from the big meadow to the Pump House Bridge has been completed. Cyclists, baby strollers, runners, and walkers now have a solid, sustainable surface to enjoy – no mud, no bumps. It’s taken a year to complete this section of trail, but the time is well spent. We are building trails to last!

Farther up Hill Creek Trail, we had a team working on trail side restoration. This involves grading soil so the trail will drain properly, then transplanting ferns and spreading organic material. This keeps the trail from holding water and makes it look natural – like its always been there!

On the Pump House Trail we had a team working on spring clean-up. They removed organic material that had built up on the trail tread, cleared blackberries and downed branches. About 1/4 mile of the 1 mile section was tidied.

Our next work party is scheduled for April 22, 2023 – Earth Day! Our plan is to plant grass and wild flowers in the big meadow and alongside the elevated section of trail. We will also repair sections of the Pump House Trail with gravel and rock fines.

We hope you’ll join us in developing this amazing community resource!

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