Trail Update: Lots of progress made at our Oct 8 work party

16 volunteers = lots of progress!

We started with 50 yards of boulders, ballast rock, and gravel. We ended with 30 yards still at the trail head. That means we moved 20 yards of material. At 2,200 pounds per yard, that’s a lot! (44,000 pounds in total, holy cow, my friends).

As of Saturday (Oct 8) we’ve built up about 350 feet of the 500 foot section of trail prone to winter floods. There are 7 culverts in place and only 3 left to go.

Lynn and her team worked on clearing blackberries at the creek side meadow, opening up the view but leaving ferns and trees in place to maintain the shade and cover for residents of that clear, cool waterway.

Our next volunteer work party is scheduled for Oct 22. We hope you’ll join us in creating this amazing community asset. All ages, sizes, and abilities are welcome. Don’t be intimidated by all the rock talk. We’ve got work for everyone!

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