Trail Update: We’ve got 35 volunteers signed up for Oct 22! Here’s the plan.

Holy Smokes! We’ve got a record-setting number of volunteers attending the next work party – 35 people. We love it! We can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

We’ll be continuing the work raising the segment of trail prone to flooding and doing restoration work on the creek side meadow.

Here’s the plan:

  • Team 1: Rocks & Gravel. Just like last session, JT will be at the trail head loading the power carriers with rock and gravel. We will have 3-4 people delivering material to the trail site.
  • Team 2: Rocks & Culverts. Adam and Craig will be leading 8-10 people in setting rock and culverts.
  • Team 3: Forest Gardening. Lynn will be leading a team of 10-12 people on restoration work in the newly cleared meadow overlooking the creek.
  • Team 4: The next section of trail! Art will take 8-12 volunteers up the hill to work on tread, brush clearing, and blackberries.

The weather will be cool and rainy (thank goodness!), which will clear wildfire smoke and dust from the air and put a little moisture in the tread. Bring a raincoat, water, lunch and a snack.

We’ve got lots to get done this year. All ages, sizes, abilities and skills are encouraged to join us in creating this amazing community asset. See you soon!

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