Trail Update: The plan for our Oct 8 work party…

Can you feel it? The weather starting to shift? We’ve read that October has already set records for high temps, but we know that the rainy season is just around the bend….

We are racing against the inevitable – the storms of winter! When the skies open and the creeks swell. We want our trails to be open year-round and sustainable for generations of users, so our goal is to build up the section of trail susceptible to flooding before this year’s deluge arrives.

The plan for our Oct 8 work party is to divide into 3 teams and conquer!

  • Team 1: Rocks, rocks, nothing but rocks. JT will run the loader and we will have 3 teammates delivering rock and gravel to the trail site.
  • Team 2: Rocks and culverts! Adam and Craig will be leading 6-8 people in setting rock and culverts.
  • Team 3: Creek side meadow. Lynn will be leading a team of 6-10 people in enhancing the newly cleared meadow and view of the creek.

If you would like to join us in helping create this amazing community asset, please sign up! We’ve got work for all ages, sizes, skills and abilities.

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