Finishing Up 2014 with “Youth United”…

On December 13 we had great weather and an excellent turnout.  With 15 volunteers we got lots done, completing two reroutes on Bonnie & Clyde’s.

In the following photo you’ll see the west end of Julieanne has been relocated.  It no longer connects directly with Bonnie & Clyde’s.  It now joins a hiking trail called the West Loop, which then connects to Bonnie & Clyde’s.

Below you’ll see the sign we installed at the old intersection.  We want to improve the trails, not confuse our friends using them…

Unfortunately few photos were taken.  Our photographer (Terry Afdem) was off skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho. We got busy and forgot to take photos.

In the following photo we have two MVHS students, Jacob Logue & Stryker Magneson, along with Emma Eide a new BEHS volunteer.  Jacob and Stryker have been helping us the last few years, both earning their MVTB tee shirts.

In total we had 9 high school students volunteering.  Of them 7 were from Burlington’s Youth United program, the Varsity in Volunteerism club.

We really hope to see them again, there were all great!


We will be breaking ground on a new “Major Project” in early 2015.  We are building what we call the Heart of the Park Public Trail Facility.

This is an exciting project, it will serve as the park’s main trail head – and be located at the entrance to the park.  It will add parking, a restroom, and a bicycle skills park.  We hope young people take an interest in this project.  Not only in building it, but also in both the planning and design phases…

If this interests you please let us know.

Our next session is January 10, we hope to see many of you then.

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Skagit Trail Builders is 100% volunteer run. Our mission is to design, build, and advocate for multi-use community trails in Skagit County Parks

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