More work on Bonnie & Clyde’s, the 11/13/14 session…

We widened and improved Bonnie & Clyde’s in a few places this session. We’re working hard to finish up the projects on the South side of Little Mountain. That’s because early in the New Year we will begin work on the Heart of the Park (HOP) Public Trail Facility, a.k.a. the bicycle skills park.

In the following photo you’ll see our group at the session’s start. Thanks Kaptein’s Ace Hardware for the new buckets…

Below you’ll see us standing at one of the spots that we widened. You might say, "I don’t see anything that looks like work has been done." And that’s exactly the point, to leave our work looking completely natural. Prior to widening the trail and removing a large root we know that several cyclists had crashed here. They literally fell off the trail and down the bank. We’re pleased that none of these falls resulted in injuries.

Below is a second team, they were working on another trail section. They were setting ‘large rock’ to widen a section of the trail that cuts across a very steep hillside. It is amazing how many doctors we have helping us, frequently upwards of fifty percent – as is the case in this photo.

Our next session trail building session will be on December 13. We’re finishing our year with Youth United as a featured group. With a good turnout we hope to finish Bonnie & Clyde’s.

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Skagit Trail Builders is 100% volunteer run. Our mission is to design, build, and advocate for multi-use community trails in Skagit County Parks

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