On 10/25/14, two ‘Featured Groups’ and a donation…

Below you’ll see the new connector trail we worked on. It is located above the Silver Arrow Bowmen Archery Range. While it is punched through, it is yet to be completed. Here Jerry’s working in the background, with a Skagit Valley College Outdoor Club member up front.

Here’s the rest of the Skagit Valley College Outdoor Club:

At lunchtime our Cub Scout group joined us (below):

And we received a generous donation. In the following photo our friend and volunteer, Dr. Martin Dubek presents us with a check for $250 from the Family Care Network. It came to us through their recently launched "small gift donation program". Each quarter their employees can nominate local organizations for a donation by FCN. The main criterion for consideration is that the organization helps support their mission for optimum health and wellness in the community.

Martin Dubek, MD nominated MVTB and we were selected as their "first-ever" recipient of this quarterly award! Thanks again Martin!

Their company and physicians have been very supportive, you might want to check them out: www.familycarenetwork.com.

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