The Nature Trail is done

The Nature Trail is done and we could not be more pleased. Friday and Saturday we got back to our excellent volunteer turnouts. We finished the capping of the trail with an hour of daylight left. We knew it would be close, but this was amazing. The session was extraordinary in a number of ways:

· On Friday afternoon the Mayor’s office sent us thirteen volunteers.

· The “A Team” (our Seattle volunteers) showed up in force and, as always, they were amazing.

· We set a two day material moving record with over thirty yards of gravel.

· And Mayor Boudreau came out on Saturday to see how it was going. That was awesome.

So we finished up as usual with great meals and adult beverages at the Porterhouse. Thank you volunteers, donors, supporters, followers and the City of Mount Vernon for everything you did. Now we hope you’ll join us Friday Sept. 28th for the festivities.

And a special thanks to Steve, our weekend guy at Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation. Saturday afternoon we determined we were going to be short on gravel to finish the project and he got us a load on short notice. That’s resourcefulness!

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