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A New Project, A New Shirt …

The above logo will appear on the front of the tee shirts, in the pocket location.

And the above logo appears on back, and lists all the project partners. The design was donated by Gwen Bolin. Thanks Gwen, we love it!


Our 1st “public” volunteer session is May 11th…


Join us this Saturday, Sept 14th, as we ramp up our fall trail building projects

On Saturday (9/14) we’ll resume work on Bonnie & Clyde’s. This is after taking August off. From below, on a lower trail section, it looks like a rockery, almost looking like a flower bed.


As you can now see (from up top), it’s a trail — not a flowerbed.


This sign on Bonnie & Clyde’s is incorrect, it’s no longer rough. We hope to see a lot of you Saturday. We got the moisture we needed — let’s go to work!