We finished 2015 with a SPLASH (12/12/15)…

Here our volunteers are shown (above) at the beginning of the 12/12/15 session. The weather was terrible, yet we had two families join us for their first times. There were twelve (12) of us volunteering, darn good given the weather. Our volunteers were all impressive, and they smiled a lot.

In this image (above) you’ll see two of our younger volunteers at work.  They were raking off the organic material.  They worked ahead of us, and worked really hard – we were digging and shaping right behind them.

Below you’ll see the tread being shaped, most of the volunteers in the foreground of this photo are the Fowler family.

Below more tread work is being done.

In this fifth photo (below), is the Grey family.

And in this last photo (below) our Youth Coordinator Bret Turner was coaching Ms. Grey.  She was everywhere, and always smiling…

This was the last session of 2015. Since we began we have put in more than 12,000 volunteer hours on Little Mountain. This year alone we amassed 1,936 volunteer hours…

Please make a New Year’s resolution; you can help by volunteering in 2016, or by making a tax deductible donation (to donate please click below):


Thanks, and Happy Holidays!  Our next session is January 9, 2016.

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Skagit Trail Builders is 100% volunteer run. Our mission is to design, build, and advocate for multi-use community trails in Skagit County Parks

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