Skagit Audubon Society hikes, as Jerry and John blow fall leaves (11/18/15)…

On Wednesday (11/18) the Skagit Audubon Society held their annual Little Mountain hike. In the following image you’ll see they were out in force…

audubon society hiking event at little mountain park in mount vernon, wa

Tom Ozretich, a club member, said there were thirty-one (31) of them!

At the same time, on the Nature Trail, Jerry Granahan worked away…

clearing off the leaves of the trail

And (below) on the Heart of the Park (HOP) Connector Trail John Erbstoeszer was doing the same.  Over the next few days they volunteered more than thirty (30) hours removing leaves at Little Mountain.

Thank you gentlemen!

Did I mention there will be another Heart of the Park Fundraising Party? It will be held next year on National Trails Day, which is June 4, 2016.

Please put it on your calendar. We’re looking for donors and sponsors…

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