Our volunteers make great progress on Bonnie & Clyde’s


The first load of rock on Bonnie & Clyde’s. A special thanks to the Parks Department, the power carrier now works perfectly. This was also the first trip on new rubber tracks.


The corner/rock wall where most of our material went last session, on June 8th.


Material (the dirt) was being moved to the corner from two directions. The rock (hauled from below), the mineral soil (brown in color) being brought down from above using our disc brake equipped wheelbarrows.


Lynn Postler standing adjacent to the wall helps provide a perspective as to its size.


Saying “Our Girls Rock” would be an understatement; from left to right you see: Maggie Sullivan, Lynn Postler, Wendy LaRocque and Diane Kaplan. They collectively played a key role in building one of our best rock walls to date. Hopefully they’ll be in attendance this coming session. We had an amazingly productive session!


Here Art Tuftee sees how the corner flows. It’s well after the session ended, kind of a wind-down ritual. It was Art that stated, “This is one of our best walls yet.”

Final statement: On Saturday June 22nd Windermere Real Estate will be our featured group, we hope to have a great turnout.

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