Memorial Day Weekend session was incredible

The May 25th session, Memorial Day weekend, was incredible. Three new volunteers, sixteen total – getting everything done we’d hoped to accomplish. And as always, we found many photo worthy natural forms.


Here Art Tuftee is upfront flagging. We’re working on the Bonnie & Clyde’s trail routing. In the background foliage is being cut with a weed eater, and just behind that volunteers are clearing it and duff off – creating the new trail routing.


Here JT is following Art’s flagging, weed eating a path about four feet wide. A little wider on steeper side slopes, that’s because a wider base is required in these situations. We cut out as little as we can. What we rack to the side is reused later, it becomes a natural weed barrier along the edge of the new trail.


Here Jerry Granahan is cutting out a stump root that simply must go, it is blocking the new trail routing. Hal Lee standing in the background, waiting to resume work.


Here Hal Lee is cutting through an old log with a tool called an Easy Dig. It is very heavy, a great tool. But there is nothing easy about using it.


Here Lynn Postler, our finisher, takes a moment to stand up. She usually brings up the rear, doing some of our most detailed work. She creates that finished trail look, carefully sprinkling duff and cut-up foliage along the trail’s edge. This was mentioned earlier, it actually creates a natural weed barrier, making it look like the trail has always been there.

Thanks, Lynn! And not shown was the amazing lunch. It was prepared and donated by Jenny Sandbo of Skagit Valley Food Coop.


Work will continue on this trail through the rest of the year. Next session we start moving in rock to build support walls. We have a great deal of work to do, and we really need your help. This stunning new trail will be over a mile long.

Did we mention we could really use your help?

Published by Jenny Sandbo

Jenny Sandbo is a communications professional, trail advocate, hiker, mountain biker, and mom. She's been volunteering with Skagit Trail Builders since 2012, serving as the communications manager since early 2022. Jenny believes that safe access to outdoor places is vital to the health of individuals and communities.

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