The glulams for the bridge are in place

Art Tuftee has been our project lead on our Nature Trail and Bridge project. This past Friday and Saturday we moved two 36′ glulams a quarter of a mile into the bridge site. Moving the glulams one at a time, two Dingos carried each end until they got to a sharp turn in the trail. At this point the glulam had to be detached and muscled around the corner by hand.

It was then picked up by the Dingos again and moved down the trail to the highline.

Both ends of the glulam were hooked up to the highline and it was allowed to slowly slide down the line on pulleys.

Once it was positioned between the bridge footings the glulam was set down and picked up at one point at its middle. This allowed it to be turned so that each end sat at the proper location on the footings.

Once both of the glulams were in place they were stood on edge and bolted to the footings.

It was a great weekend of trail work and we’re looking forward to continuing work on the bridge this Friday and Saturday, July 27/28.

We’d like to thank Birch Equipment for use of the Dingos and to Hal and Hella Lee for providing lunch on Saturday.

We hope to see you on the trail this weekend helping with the bridge!

3 responses to “The glulams for the bridge are in place

  1. wow, nice bridge! Can i ask, what size were those glulams that you used? I saw they were 36′ long but curious about the full dimensions of them? They look like 4×12 or 4×16, just curious.Thanks!

  2. Lisa Nissley

    You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!