Join us this Saturday, the 12th

Join us this Saturday, Feb 12th, as we continue maintenance work on La-Z-Boy. We’ll be making an already fun trail even better with addition of a new bridge and more crushed rock.
We meet at the top of Little Mountain Park in Mount Vernon at 10:00am. Coffee and donuts are provided by our friends at the Mount Vernon Haggen.

Hope to see you there!

One response to “Join us this Saturday, the 12th

  1. Lynn Cunningham

    Thanks for all your hard work, I’ve ran the trail several times while visiting Mt. Vernon. Fantastic work you’ve done! It’s a beautiful area and plan to go there everytime were in town. Looking forward to running the new areas you’ve been working on. ( I like it because my son is helping build it :), way to go Billy)
    L. Cunningham