Jan 22 session

On January 22 we enjoyed excellent weather for our work session and we accomplished a substantial amount of maintenance work on La-Z-Boy. The extra rain we’ve received lately showed us which parts of the trail needed better drainage and/or more fill material.

Drainage and fill material added to La-Z-Boy.

We’d like to thank our new volunteers who worked all day carrying wheelbarrows full of rock and gravel: Dan Howard, Kristin and Tanner Smith, Bill Clay, and Katy Bluhm.

The Estep family was gracious enough to bring out two delicious soups and homemade bread for us at lunch time. This was greatly appreciated by all the volunteers.


While everyone else was doing the hard work Art, Hal, and Matt went route finding for our next trail building project. Exciting things to come!

Join us for our next session February 12th.

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