Trail Update: The plan for our Jan 28 work party and a NEW VIDEO!

Check out our video! The Basics of Building a Trail with Skagit Trail Builders.

At our last work party I got help from some of our volunteers shooting scenes for a video about Skagit Trail Builders. It’s a project for my video storytelling class at the University of Washington, but a fun piece of content for STB, as well. Win-win, right?

Thanks for your help! Enjoy the video!

Our next work party is coming up quick…this Saturday, January 28. Here’s the plan:

  • Trail side restoration – like Adam says in the video “naturalize trail side so the trail looks like its always been there”. Transplant ferns, spread leaves, and move in pretty moss-covered logs. This is lighter work, great for kids!
  • Rock retaining walls – this is an cool opportunity for volunteers to learn a new skill – how to build a sustainable rock retaining wall. Positioning rocks to nest together and back filling with gravel.
  • Filling low areas – we’ll be moving mineral soil from “borrow pits” to low spots in the trail. Art will fill wheelbarrows with soil using the excavator.
  • Trail tread – shaping trail tread using rakes and Mclouds (the 3-pronged flat things). Very zen.
  • Decommissioning “borrow pits” – sounds pretty serious, yes? It means we will be filling the holes created by digging out soil.
  • Spreading ballast rock – there’s a soil ramp leading up to the meadow that needs ballast rock applied so that we can drive heavier equipment up the hill. This will depend on whether we have enough power carriers and drivers.

I’ll also be filming scenes for the next video project – let me know if you’d like to BE A STAR! (We’ll be talking about tools).

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late.

Meet at the trail head at 8:55 am – the safety meeting starts at 9 am. As always, dress in layers and be prepared for rain and chilly conditions. Bring lunch and water. We’ll have hot drinks and a fire pit for warming up at the trail head.

See you there!

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