Trail Update: The plan for our Jan 14 work party

We are looking forward to getting back to work and seeing our trail friends!

Our first work party of 2023 is Saturday, Jan 14. We’ve got work for everybody…

  • Finish elevated trail – Our goal is to complete the raised section of trail before lunchtime.
  • Trail side restoration – Trimming trees, cutting back briars, transplanting ferns, and naturalizing so the trail looks like its always been there.
  • Soil work on the hill – We will be filling and leveling sections of trail by transferring soil from “borrow pits” using a wheelbarrow.
  • Rock work on the hill – There are sections of the trail that need rock walls built and gravel fill so that we can drive equipment deeper into the trail system.

As usual, Jenny is going to be taking pictures and video, but this time it’s for a class project (she’s a grad student at the University of Washington, Communication Leadership). She’ll be looking for a few trail volunteers to help set scenes and say a line (or two) to the camera.

Please wear your Skagit Trail Builders T-shirt. If you don’t have one yet, let us know and we will set you up.

We expect the weather to be moderate – 45-50 F with occasional sprinkles. Bring a raincoat, lunch, and water.

We’ll have hot drinks available at the trail head. Beth and Ed are bringing fresh-baked scones!

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Published by Jenny Sandbo

Jenny Sandbo is a communications professional, trail advocate, hiker, mountain biker, and mom. She's been volunteering with Skagit Trail Builders since 2012, serving as the communications manager since early 2022. Jenny believes that safe access to outdoor places is vital to the health of individuals and communities.

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