Pump-house Bridge Project…

Above is Hill Creek, where the bridge is being built. Can you see the old pump-house?
The southern tip of 60-70 acres, surrounded by Hansen and Hill Creeks. The trail will run its length, to the northern park boundary.

The new bridge and trail will double the length of the Pump-house Trail and meander through one of the prettiest places in the park. We’re excited, work building bridge parts is underway

Saturday’s session, on Sept. 11th session – we’ll be working at Thompson Pond.

To signup please email us...

Published by Jim "JT" Taylor

Jim "JT" Taylor is a founding member and Executive Director of Skagit Trail Builders. JT is an avid mountain cyclist, retired snowboarder, and IPA enthusiast. He believes that trails and community access to green space are essential for people and neighborhoods to thrive!

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