Ready, Set, Go – NSRA Trails …

Great news, our first ‘public’ volunteer session is scheduled for May 11th.

Budgets, contracts and trail projects have firmed up, so building is on the horizon. Pictured here Art Tuftee stands with tools purchased by Skagit County Parks & Recreation, being stored onsite by the Port of Skagit. This is great, thanks!

Funding volunteer sessions is next. Volunteers donate time, but hosting sessions is not cheap. There are a great many costs to cover…

Trained crew leaders arrive early and stay late. They get instructions before the session, then haul out and place the tools where needed. Rain or shine, they help train and lead volunteers; ensuring safety, effectiveness, and a great volunteer experience.  Afterwards tools must be picked up, cleaned, organized, sometimes sharpened – and put away.

Furthermore, volunteers deserve ‘great’ lunches, snacks, and to ‘earn’ volunteer tee shirts.  Over several sessions, with a minimum of ten hours, a volunteer tee shirt is earned. The shirt shows our appreciation, while helping with recruitment.

To do all of this, a nonprofit umbrella organization (to accept donations) MUST be setup. The best volunteer groups are well-resourced. We know the community supports trails, and in the past made generous donations to help.

Might helping form a board interest you?  If so, please click here – and let us know. 



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