An INCREDIBLE Session (10/24/15)…

October 24th was one of our best sessions ever. We had so many volunteers we were able to eat all of the donated pastries from Haggen Foods. That’s quite a feat, our friends at Haggen (below) are very generous…

In this second image (below) you’ll see one of our three work groups. They finished capping the pedestrian trail where it connects to Little Mountain Road.

Below Bret shows off his team’s excellent work.

Following, in this fourth photo, another team (at the opposite end of the same trail) was installing stone steps. Art Tuftee shows four new volunteers how to perfectly shape a stone step. After drilling four holes Art taps in special wedges, as you can see it easily breaks off the corner – look closely to see the crack.

In this fifth photo (below) we’re breaking for lunch. The third team that was further up the hill working on Rooty came down to join us. The homemade chili was furnished by Leslie and Roger Estep.  They provide lunch every other session. Thanks Leslie and Roger!

Here (below) after lunch we’re back at work on the steps.  Nobody said that installing and leveling stone steps would be easy.  Everybody else went back up top to work on Rooty.

When the session ended we still had a couple steps left to set. We thanked our featured group (shown below), the Burlington-Edison High School NJROTC (Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.). This was a very impressive group, we sincerely hope they will join us again.

A couple hours later, in this eighth and final photo (below), the tools have been put away – and the Heart of the Park Pedestrian Trail was finished.

What a great session, thanks everyone!

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Skagit Trail Builders is 100% volunteer run. Our mission is to design, build, and advocate for multi-use community trails in Skagit County Parks

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