6/27/15 Session . . .

On this session, our second session in June we had seventeen (17) volunteers. And while this is a touch off our normal turnout we still had enough volunteers to break into two teams. One continued work on the capping of the HOP connector trail, the other worked on the road crossing – the one that joins the new connector trail and La-Z-Boy. It was a hot day so everyone enjoyed our iced beverages. And Leslie’s homemade sandwiches, served along with chilled watermelon were great – thanks!

Below you’ll see John Erbstoeszer (in the cap), one of our core members and a volunteer coordinator, working with the Klein family; Nathan (on the left), Dave (center), and Zachary on the right. As you can tell by the work they are doing they too are veterans. They were doing the tread work on the new connector trail. Here they are spreading the crushed rock before compacting it.

In this second image (below) you’ll see Marie Erbstoeszer wetting the crushed rock before we haul it in.

Below you will see Nathan compacting the leveled and well wetted crushed rock. While this is his first time on a compactor he looks like a pro.

In this fourth photo (below) Lynn Postler, another regular, is doing restoration work. After a new trail tread is complete we need to cover the bare soil with duff and leaves, covering the trail’s edge which suppresses weed growth while restoring the trail’s natural beauty. Nobody is better at this finishing work than Lynn…

And here (below) you’ll see a section of the finished trail. The upper and lower trail sections are all capped, compacted and linked. All that is left now is to connect it to Little Mountain Road (a culvert must be put in by the City), and finish the road crossing at the park gate. So for now this trail dead ends, but we hope to be connecting it to the road soon.

In this next shot (below) you’ll see the spot where the road crossing is being built. We have another ten (10) yards of material being delivered before our next session. More walls to build, some grades to change, and we have steps to build. With a little luck we hope to pretty much complete this road crossing next session.

And in this last image (below) you can better see how the two trails will connect. The brown bollard that marks La-Z-Boy is on the far side of the silver Honda.

Our next session is Saturday 7/11/15, we hope you’ll join us.

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Skagit Trail Builders is 100% volunteer run. Our mission is to design, build, and advocate for multi-use community trails in Skagit County Parks

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