Our Long Weekend Session: 5/23/15 . . .

While long weekend sessions can sometimes result in light turnouts, we had twenty (20) volunteers and perfect weather. Since it was another session that we were all working really hard not many photos were taken. Below you’ll see Simon LeClair, our newest equipment operator, dumping a load of railroad ballast. Jerry directs the dumping as Lyall rolls out the Geo-tech material.

In this second image (below) you will see Simon the first year that he worked with us. This photo was taken at the service road that links Sidewinder and Huff-N-Puff. Back then we were working on our second trail. While volunteers typically come and go, we love it when we have exceptions to that rule.

In this third image (below) Simon holds up his “MVTB Equipment Operator Certificate.” His Skagit Valley College nursing certificate will be hanging next to it this month. Congratulations!

In this fourth photo (below) Evan Clasen holds up the MVTB tee shirt he just finished earning. Another great volunteer.

Our next session is will be held on 6/13/15, we hope to see many of you there.

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