The 3/14/15 session; SVC’s Outdoor Club – and many more . . .

On March 14th the weather was mixed but we still had a great turnout, thirty-seven (37) incredible volunteers. Below you’ll see some of our younger volunteers helping with the reroute of the trail called “Rooty”. The reroute is no longer riddled with exposed roots, maybe a rename will be in order…

Below you’ll see a “Senior Project” underway, our volunteer in the green hooded sweatshirt. Learning of things like this makes us happy.

In this third image (below) you’ll see we moved to a new project after lunch. We completed roughing out the reroute of “Rooty” and moved back down the hill to resume work on the Connector Trail that links the new HOP Public Trail Facility to our existing trail that is called La-Z-Boy.

This photo is of our featured group, the SVC Outdoor Club. It is my understanding that we will be seeing them on a quarterly basis. Pretty cool!

Here you’ll see what can happen if you stand still for too long…

It was another great session. We got a great deal done and had a lot of fun. Thanks Jenny for an amazing lunch. And thank you to our supporters; Starbucks Coffee and the Haggen Bakery.

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