Skagit Valley College (SVC) ‘Wildland Firefighting Class’

On Sunday 3/2/14 SVC’s Wildland Firefighting Class came out as a ‘featured group’, they were awesome. This was just part of the class, the morning van. They began work on a new connector trail on the south side of Little Mountain. Here’s information on their class.

SVC 167 Team 1

Here you see their crew at work, removing deadfall and duff. While it may
look like a fire line, it’s actually the beginning on a new trail. Their
instructor, Steve Biggs, reached out to us a while back. Steve’s other job
is with the Department of Natural Resources and has had DNR trainees on Little Mountain with us the last few years. They did the
initial clearing of deadfall and duff on Sidekick and a section of Bonnie
& Clyde’s.

SVC 133 Team 1

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