Julieann Improvements and Bonnie & Clyde work continues

You might recall that on our last session, February 8th, we had some cold weather. We had only a few less volunteers than normal, and as always it was a great session. In this photo you’ll see a handful of our regulars, plus a couple new faces. This was one of our two teams; they were working on different projects. This group rerouted a section of Julieann Trail, increasing the space between it and our new trail called Bonnie and Clyde’s. This helps to lessen the likelihood of shortcutting.

Pictured are two new volunteers; Melissa & Keno, both from Skagit Valley College. We hope to see them and others from SVC in the future.

Group Shot

Here’s the other team, they were building the last switchback on Bonnie & Clyde’s — and it is perfect!

Of special note, on the far left of the shot, is Alec Santiago. This was Alec’s first time out, but he did a great job. The next day I saw him at the Bike Swap at the Seattle Center. His mother Bernie and I chatted briefly, the whole family was there manning their booth. She informed me that Skagit Cycle Center intends to have their shop represented at our future sessions. Pretty darn Cool!

Rock Team

Here you’ll see Lyle Bishop dishing up Leslie Estep’s amazing homemade soup. It may have been a chilly day but we were hardly roughing it.


And as usual the Executive Committee met at the Porterhouse to discuss strategy. You’ll see we’re carefully studying our map of Little Mountain. What’s being planned is the building of a trailhead on the south side of the mountain. We are pleased to announce that no beer was spilled – lol.


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