We had a windy trailbuilding day on Sept 28th

You may remember that the weather last session, on Saturday 9/28, was a more than a little tough. It was extremely blustery with hard rain at times – but look how beautiful it was. This is probably the prettiest time of the year in the park. We strongly suggest that you check it out, the trails are in great shape – go for a hike or ride …


Jerry and Art building another large switchback, I believe we’re somewhere around a dozen now. We’re nearing the top, thank goodness!


The balance of our crew worked further up the trail. Here we’re leveling an area after removing a large hump. All of that great mineral soil was relocated to raise the level of a corner to build a corner an ensure good drainage.


After the reshaping is done we move old logs and duff back, it serves as a natural weed barrier, defines the trail tread – and makes it look as if it has always been this way.


A special thanks to Leslie and the Estep family for the amazing homemade soup, most of us ate too much. There is a benefit of coming out when the weather is really bad. We usually have fewer volunteers which means we have lots to eat, lol.


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