Thank you to our volunteers

Thanks to everyone who came out this past Saturday. The weather was perfect and the mosquitoes even stayed away. We didn’t have a featured group, but a large number of our regular volunteers and a few new people joined us. There were a couple people who earned the prestigious MVTB t-shirt as well. This is given to any volunteer with at least 10 hours of trail building volunteer work with MVTB.


Tamping the tread into place.


Ken improves the tread.


Here’s an amazing wall on Bonnie & Clyde’s.


Feel free to join us for our next session Saturday July 27th as we continue working our way up Bonnie & Clyde’s.

Published by Jenny Sandbo

Jenny Sandbo is a communications professional, trail advocate, hiker, mountain biker, and mom. She's been volunteering with Skagit Trail Builders since 2012, serving as the communications manager since early 2022. Jenny believes that safe access to outdoor places is vital to the health of individuals and communities.

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