Kulshan Creek Youth Program joined us on May 11th

We were very pleased to have 38 kids from the Kulshan Creek Youth Program work with us. They worked hard and were a great bunch of kids. This is the only group we’ve ever had arrive in a school bus.


After a brief orientation they got right to work.



Every job was important. Here is 8 year old Emily Samora gathering rocks from the side of the trail and loading them into a bucket to be used elsewhere.


Koreena Hayes had this to say about the experience:

“Thank you so much for hosting a wonderful trail day with the Kulshan Creek Youth Program. The kids were so excited to work with hand tools and watch their hard work create part of the Bonnie and Clyde Trail! It was so great to work with the Trail Builders and the kids will have a sense of accomplishment and ownership of Little Mountain for a long time. I am excited to grow our partnership with you and hope to schedule future work projects with you and the MVTB as it is so nice for the kids to have a place so close to home that they are personally connected with. Many thanks for your guidance, patience, instruction, smiles, and tasty soup! We had so much fun!”

We’re thankful for their support and hope to see them again on the trails.

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