Please help us support the expansion of Little Mountain Park

Please join us at a City Council meeting Wednesday evening at 7:00pm at the Mount Vernon Police Department.

Mount Vernon is extremely fortunate to be faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity. This Wednesday our City Council will hear a Skagit Land Trust and Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation proposal to increase the size of Little Mountain Park by 120 acres. The forest and wetlands we hope the City will buy is known as the Hidden Lake property.

It’s our understanding that not all of the City Council members support this purchase, so this is a very important meeting. We hope you and your like-minded friends will join us for this meeting. While public comment will not be taken we need to show our support.

Please join us Wednesday evening and forward a link to this blog post via email or Facebook.

Published by Jim "JT" Taylor

Jim "JT" Taylor is a founding member and Executive Director of Skagit Trail Builders. JT is an avid mountain cyclist, retired snowboarder, and IPA enthusiast. He believes that trails and community access to green space are essential for people and neighborhoods to thrive!

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