Please join our trail building session December 10th

Our trail building year is coming to a close. If we have a good turnout for this next session we should be able to finish up the western end of our Southern Loop project.
This will be our last trail building session of 2011. We appreciate all the hard work our volunteers have done over the past year and hope to see some of you again this Saturday.
We’ll meet at 10:00am at the top of the mountain and, as always, we’ll have hot Starbuck’s coffee and fresh Haggen pastries.
We will also be having a hot soup lunch at 12:30.

Published by Jim "JT" Taylor

Jim "JT" Taylor is a founding member and Executive Director of Skagit Trail Builders. JT is an avid mountain cyclist, retired snowboarder, and IPA enthusiast. He believes that trails and community access to green space are essential for people and neighborhoods to thrive!

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