May 22 work on Fred’s Trail was a great success

On May 22 13 volunteers turned out in the morning rain to work on Fred’s Trail. As the day progressed they turned an old, eroded, steep, scramble route into a still challenging, safer, more sustainable trail.

A strong and skilled group worked on steep and slippery terrain building crib and fill steps, stone steps and improving the dirt tread.

It’s an impressive construction and in places even beautiful as stones were fit into the ground, one with its own fern garden intact.

Watch this site for the next work parties which will come up soon to complete the trail and revegetation planting.

One response to “May 22 work on Fred’s Trail was a great success

  1. What an awesome improvement! Thanks to all the Trail Builders. Roger E mentioned the installation of these steps to me and I finally had a chance to check them out on Monday, August 22nd. My previous adventures up this trail had me crawling on my hands and knees at times and my German Shepherd looking at me like he was wondering what I was doing. I do appreciate your hard work and will be out there with you all sometime. Thanks again!
    ~ Liz

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