May 14th session

We had nice weather and a good turnout of 16 volunteers to help us build a new bridge on La-Z-Boy.
We’ve been doing a lot of drainage improvement on La-Z-Boy in our last few sessions. The slot drains seem to be doing a great job of allowing water to pass right through the trail bed.

Here you can see John making sure that our concrete bridge piers are level to one another. Trail bridge building is an exact science. Sort of.

You can see why we needed a bridge over this area.

Jackie worked hard to earn her Mount Vernon Trail Builders t-shirt this session. Any volunteer who accumulates 10+ hours with us earns a t-shirt.

The bridge planks went on once the holes were dug for the piers and the runners were lined up correctly.

It looks like Spring might finally be here! Come out and join us for our next session on May 28th.

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