Youth Volunteer Program

5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer

Do you hike, ride a bike, or just enjoy being outdoors? Where is your favorite trail in Skagit County? Is it in Little Mountain Park, the Chuckanut hills, or Anacortes Forest Lands?

Wherever it is, chances are that it was built by volunteers. Volunteers are people who care about their community, the future, and want to make cool things happen where they live.

Skagit Trail Builders is excited to be working on a new trail project in Sedro-Woolley at Northern State Recreation Area (NSRA) and you should be a part of it! Here’s a few reasons to volunteer:

  • GET BUFF.  Alright, maybe you won’t get ripped abs and massive guns, but your brain and body will get all the benefits that come from fresh air, daylight, playing in the dirt, and knowing you are doing something good for your community.
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS. Or bring your own! Everyone is welcome! Volunteering is a great way to meet people outside of your school, to joke around and have fun.
  • LEARN TO USE NEW TOOLS. Our trail builders use the same tools as wildfire crews. Like those firefighters we chop, hack, whack, clip, dig, rake, scrape, pry, and pull. Safety training is provided, and we will never ask you to do anything out of your comfort zone.
  • COOL STUFF FOR YOUR INSTAGRAM. Friends, tools and digging. You are going to be proud of your work and want to show it off. Bring your phone, take pictures or video (be sure to ask others if it’s okay), and don’t forget to share them with us.
  • BUILD YOUR RESUME FOR COLLEGE OR WORK. Volunteering won’t get you into college, but admissions officers will be interested to hear the impact volunteering has on you — and the impact that YOU have on your community.

Start by following us on Facebook or Instagram, then JUMP IN – becoming a trail volunteer.

We can’t wait to meet you!