December 11th, ’21 Session

Registering for sessions is required, as is noted in the COVID-19 Safety Protocol. A confirming email is sent out beforehand. If attendance is no longer planned, please let us know. Thanks!

Sessions run 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

To signup email

Adam Wagenbach

Art Tuftee

Bret Turner

Craig Emory

David Gary

Dean Taylor

Deborah Lubbe

Ellie Slabodnik

Germaine Kornegay

Jenny Sandbo

Jeremy Kindlund

Jerry Granahan

Jim “JT” Taylor

Kimberly Palacios

Kip Jacob

Robert Slabodnik

Stanka Gary

Zoe Slabodnik

BE Kiwanis: Dave Svaren

BE Kiwanis: Gary Anderson

BE Kiwanis: Kathy Anderson

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