Team Roster

Volunteering changed due to the virus. We still operate under Phase 3 guidelines, with safety protocols limiting session size. Volunteer spots are earned on a “first to confirm” basis. A review of the protocol is planned before fall sessions…

Since manpower needs are carefully planned, if you “confirm” for a session you will be expected. The exceptions are if you feel unwell, or believe you may have been exposed to the virus.

Each session is comprised of two “separate” outdoor events. Each has fifteen (15) available positions, twelve (12) volunteering and three (3) alternate spots. An asterisk denotes frequent involvement, a second even more so.

Please contact us to add your name. Thanks!

Active Volunteer Roster:

Adam Wagenbach **

Aiden O’Neal

Alice Michaelson

Amos Grey **

Art Tuftee **

Bret Turner **

Brian Stotts

Carmen Ugalde

Charles Messinger *

Chris Elmore

Connor Cranston

Craig Emory **

David Swayne *

Dean Taylor **

Derek Wyckoff

Don Hanna **

Ellie Slabodnik

Emily Karmy

Gary Moody

Germaine Kornegay

Heather McAleer-Berliner

Indira Rouw Wagenbach *

Jami Gramore *

Jennifer O’Neal

Jeremy Kindlund **

Jerry Granahan **

Jim “JT” Taylor **

John Yaeger

Kalin Adkerson **

Katrina Sanders

Katya Matsko

Kip Jacob **

Leah Litke

Lindsey Dutoit **

Lynn Postler **

Marcia Fort

Matt Hixson

Melia Grey *

Melinda Gentry

Miles Grey *

Miranda Henry

Nathan O’Neal

Olivia LaCount

Paul Marczin **

Randy McCoy *

Robert Slabodnik

Shannon Henderson

Susanna Heinze

Tate Cohan *

Teressa Walsh

Zoe Slabodnik *


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