Team Roster

Due to the virus volunteering changed. We now operate under safety protocols and registering for sessions is a requisite.

Please contact us to add your name. Thanks!

Adam Wagenbach **

Aiden O’Neal

Alice Michaelson

Amos Grey **

Art Tuftee **

Bennett Lenz

Beth Keane

Bret Turner **

Brian Stotts

Carmen Ugalde

Cayden Wiles

Charles Messinger

Chris Elmore

Cole Coleman

Connor Cranston

Craig Emory **

Dave Svaren

David Gary

David Swayne

Dean Taylor **

Deborah Lubbe

Derek Wyckoff

Don Hanna **

Ed Kelly

Elizabeth Ruth

Ellie Slabodnik **

Emily Karmy

Gary Anderson

Gary Moody

Germaine Kornegay

Heather McAleer-Berliner

Indira Rouw Wagenbach *

Jaelyn Vallely

Jami Gramore

Jeff Hinkle

Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Lenz

Jennifer O’Neal

Jenny Sandbo

Jeremy Kindlund **

Jerry Butterfield

Jerry Granahan **

Jim “JT” Taylor **

John Yaeger

Judi Butterfield

Katrina Sanders

Katya Matsko

Kimberly Palacios

Kinsey Shilling

Kip Jacob **

Leah Litke

Lindsey Dutoit **

Lynn Postler **

Marcia Fort

Matt Hixson

Melia Grey

Melinda Gentry

Miles Grey

Miranda Henry

Nathan O’Neal

Niko Alexander

Olivia LaCount

Paul Marczin

Randy McCoy

Robert Slabodnik *

Shannon Henderson

Stanka Gary

Susanna Heinze

Tate Cohan

Teressa Walsh

Zoe Slabodnik *

* Note: Asterisk(s) denote high frequency…


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