Guest Group Info & Schedule

Guest Groups can be; civic organizations, nonprofits, church groups, school clubs, businesses, or friends – to mention just a few. In our past they played an important role in helping increase the number of volunteers at normally scheduled sessions.

Groups should be at least six volunteers, and we hope they will spend most of their day working with us…

Cascades Job Corps Students and faculty: March 28th session. They were our “Top Volunteer Group” in 2019. Sorry cancelled.

Cancelled: April 11th session

Varsity in Volunteerism: April 25th. We hope this program helps get more young volunteers involved in our work. Sorry cancelled.

Available: May 9th session

Available: May 23rd session

Boeing Employees: May 30th, a “special session” to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. We plan on this being a nonpublic session, meaning just Boeing. Sorry cancelled.

Available: June 13th session

Available: June 27th session

July & August (are our vacation months), so there are no planned sessions. But last Summer we built the Dovetail bridge, so exceptions are made.

To schedule, or ask questions – email us . . .