October 24, 2020 Roster

In November we plan to add a third group. Until then we’re limited to twelve (12) positions; ten (10) volunteering, and two (2) alternates.

Involvement is earned on a “first to confirm” basis. This session is now FULL. Thanks!

Names shown (below) in red and followed by an asterisk have confirmed. Those shown in purple, if any, should be considered pending. Spots are “reserved” when confirmed.

Sessions run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Serving as an alternate earns a spot at an upcoming session. Projects and manpower are planned, so confirmed volunteers are expected. Thanks!

Adam Wagenbach *

Art Tuftee *

Bret Turner *

Craig Emory *

Don Hanna *

Germaine Kornegay *

Jerry Granahan *

Jim “JT” Taylor *

John Yaeger *

Zoe Slabododnik *


Tate Cohan (A1) *

Miranda Henry (A2) *

Please email us to add your name to the special session roster.

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