Volunteer Plan (1/23/21)

This session a third group of five was added. With them we will put an extra emphasis on trail side restoration.

Overseeing the work will be Paul Marczin (a Restoration Ecologist), and Jerry Granahan (our Crew Leader), in “Yellow” armbands.

Using shears and hand pruners, clip all blackberry vines – that are within 10 feet of the trail tread – to within 6 inches of the ground. The worst areas, with dense vines, can be left for cutting with weed-eaters.

Prepare the second meadow for grass seeding. Remove branches and sticks around the alder patch. Cut the blackberry vines to the ground. Use a leaf blower to blow the leaves into the blackberry thicket.

The exposed bare ground should be rakes to prepare it for seeding. The existing grass areas may remain as is.

Restoration (Trail Corridor) – “Green”

Bret T.

Carmen U.

Charles M.

Kalin A.

Tate C.

Restoration (Meadow) – “Red Team

Don H.

Germaine K.

Indira W.

Lindsey D.

Melinda G. (Canceled late Friday)

Capping of the balance of the Pump-house Trail, from the entrance to the first meadow to the South trailhead, will be completed this session. About ten yards of material will be placed, along with some rock wall repair.

Capping Team – “Blue Team

Adam W.

Art T.

Craig E.

David S.

Jim T.

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