February 13th, ’21 Session

We socially distance, require CDC approved masks, and volunteer in groups of five or less.

This session roster has nineteen (19) spots; (15) volunteering and four (4) as alternates. Involvement is earned on a “first to confirm” basis. Four (4) alternate spots remain.

The special session roster members that follow, in red have a reserved spot, and if purple – interest has been expressed – but the position has yet to be reserved. To volunteer please email us.

Sessions run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Serving as an alternate earns a spot at an upcoming session. Projects and manpower are planned, so confirmed volunteers are expected. Thanks!

Adam Wagenbach *

Art Tuftee *

Bret Turner *

Carmen Ugalde

Charles Messinger *

Craig Emory *

David Swayne *

Don Hanna *

Indira Wagenbach *

Jerry Granahan *

Jim “JT” Taylor *

Kalin Adkerson *

Lindsey Dutoit *

Lynn Postler *

Paul Marczin *


Available (A1)

Available (A2)

Available (A3)

Available (A4)

Please email us to add your name to the special session roster.

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