“UPCOMING” April 24th, Session

We socially distance, require CDC approved masks, and volunteer in small groups. Washington State goes into Phase 3 on March 22nd, 2021 – which has led to the update of our virus safety protocol, and an increase in our number of volunteers.

For each session date, on our volunteer calendar, we will host two separate outdoor events. One trail building, the other with volunteers performing trail-side restoration work. Involvement is earned on a “first to confirm” basis.

As explained above, two separate session rosters follow. There are twelve (12) volunteer spots on each roster. Names appearing red have a reserved spot, purple have expressed interest – but have yet to be confirmed and reserved. As you can see (below) there are seven (7) volunteer, and six (6) alternate positions available…

Projects and manpower are planned, so confirmed volunteers are expected. Sessions run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Thanks!

To add your name, or confirm your involvement, please email JT@SkagitTrailBuilders.org.

Trail Crew (Brickyard Creek)

01. Adam Wagenbach

02. Art Tuftee

03. Charles Messinger

04. Craig Emory

05. Dean Taylor

06. Don Hanna

07. Indira Rouw Wagenbach

08. Jeremy Kindlund

09. Jerry Granahan

10. Jim “JT” Taylor

11. Lindsey Dutoit

12. Available

Restoration Crew (Thompson Pond):

01. Alice Michaelson

02. Emily Karmy

03. Kalin Adkerson

04. Lynn Postler

05. Paul Marczin

06. Available

07. Available

08. Available

09. Available

10. Available

11. Available

12. Available

Session Alternates:

01. Available (Alternate #1)

02. Available (Alternate #2)

03. Available (Alternate #3)

04. Available (Alternate #4)

05. Available (Alternate #5)

06. Available (Alternate #6)

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