Guest Group Schedule

July & August (are our vacation months), so there are no planned sessions. But last Summer we built the Dovetail bridge, so exceptions are made.

United General – Employees, Families & Friends: COVID-19 unfortunately has changed pretty much everything. Few things can be considered more elective, or “nonessential” than volunteer trail building – so this planned special group session date has been pushed out several times.

For the foreseeable future only “special sessions” will be held, which means they are NOT open to the public – with fewer volunteers, and special safety precautions.

Individuals will signup with a group coordinator, that will share the details and requisites. To learn about United General, see them on Facebook.

“Tentatively scheduled” for this Fall …

Available: September 12th

Available: September 26th

Available: October 10th

Available: October 24th

Available: November 14th

Available: December 12th

To schedule, or ask questions – email us . . .